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Lance and I met in 1979 and we married in January 1980. Margaret is my legal name yet everyone knows me as "Nickie". We farmed in east central South Dakota for many years and now live in the "big city" of Sioux Falls SD where we enjoy our Chihuahuas. This Chihuahua "craziness" all started when our daughter gave us "Mike" in 2002 for my birthday. He is our first Chihuahua who has become an important part of our family. He is a nuetered pet quality Chi but he doesn't seem to care and neither do we. We love him dearly and soon we were looking for companions for our little guy. During this process we were introduced to the world of AKC Chihuahuas and the AKC Dog Show world. We became hooked immediately! Next we became members of the Sioux Empire Kennel Club (SEKC) our local kennel club. We strongly encourage every "dog owner", whether you own a mutt or purebred, to find your local AKC kennel club and become an active part of all that they offer you. This is a wonderful way to meet other dog lovers and to learn how to become the best dog parent that is possible... even if you or your dog never walk into the show ring! We feel fortunate to have met so many other Chihuahua enthusiasts whom we call friends at club events and dog shows.

Thank you Patty Aalid from Lake Country Kennels in Minnesota for our first AKC girl, Lake Country's Monet. We showed her without knowing the ropes really, then we bred her. Patty helped us by whelping out our first litters to safty. Wow! What a special gift she has been to us! We want to extend our warmest thanks to our friend and mentor Max Hurd. He has been so gracious from the first day we met at the AKC dog show here in our own town. He offered encouragement when we really needed it and gave us a few pointers... he has put up with our endless questions ever since! Eventually we purchased our second girl, our AKC smooth coat "Hurd's High Hope-s" from Max. A huge thank you goes to Tim Reno, a fellow South Dakotan who has blessed us with two of his little beauties. Tim has shared his "Ch Boehm's One Eighty Iq" for breeding our "Hope" and has shared his own experience with us. We can never thank these dear Chihuahua friends enough for everything they have done for us.

Until that one special little Chi-man comes along we have chosen not to own a stud dog at this point.  Max Hurd and Tim Reno and others own some of the best Champions around and have been gracious to make them available to our girls for breeding.  We are dedicated in breeding only to produce dogs that are happy, healthy and that represent the AKC standards for our showing enjoyment. We are and will stay small hobby breeders, with our "kids" underfoot in our home as beloved pets. None of our girls nor the boys we have bred to have merle bloodlines.

Most importantly we love and enjoy our Fur-kids. We take them out and about with us where we go to be well socialized. We attend classes along with meetings at the SEKC clubhouse. We schedule Vet regular appointments for worming and vaccinations as necessary to insure they are in the best of health. Our Chihuahuas are the "best Dogs" they can be.
We recently acquired an AKC Standard Black Poodle. Grace is being raised as a companion dog and being trained to become a Therapy Dog. I may even compete in obedience, rally and agility! As of today we still have Mike, Hope and purchased a long coated dog from Gayle Essex Lamar's Crash My Party or "Parker". Mike and Hope are elders living our their golden years on any available lap. We did make the decision to no longer breed Chihuahuas. We do occasionally have one of our kids come back to us and we work diligently to place them into a new home as a "Chi pet". They will be spayed or neutered and offered with limited registration. We will no longer ship either. 

Please check back with us and we will direct you to some reputable Chihuahua breeders we personally know. Also feel free to contact us just to visit as we love to talk Chihuahua!

Thank you for visiting us, Lance and Nickie Johnson.